Władysław St. Reymont - our school patron, for lovers of the English language

This great writer was born in a village near Radomsko, Kobiele Wielkie on May 7, 1867.
His parents were not wealthy, and his early life was difficult and was full of a variety of events.
At school, Reymont had problems with learning, achieved poor results. He did not receive a good education. His parents decided that he should learn a trade. They sent him to study tailoring. Also here, it did not go well, and there was only an apprentice. He still could not find their own way.
Reymont as a young man, he discovered his passion for art, literature and theatre. He wanted to be an actor, but again he failed, then he began to write novels. He wrote his first short story, "Work!" in 1891. Two years later, in 1893, he moved to Warsaw, and completely devoted to writing. In the years 1895-1897 he travelled a lot, including Berlin, Brussels, Paris and London.
Reymont wrote novels and short stories, but the greatest success he achieved as a novelist. In the "The Deceiver" and "Ferments" he described his experience from his short acting career. In the "Promised Land", he shows the urban community and capitalists, fighting for profit.
The most outstanding work of Reymont, is a four-volume novel, "The Peasants", for which in 1924 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. It is a chronicle of peasant life during the four seasons of a year.
When his health began to deteriorate, he bought the estate "Kołaczkowo" near Września, where he spent the rest of his life.
Reymont died on 5 December 1925.